Should You Get a Nose Job?

Ever thought of getting a new nose? If you think about it, it is the part of the face that people notice since it sits right in the center of your face. So, if you have the ideal shape of nose, then that’s perfect, you’ll definitely want to flaunt it more! But if it’s something you think that does not suit your face or is less flattering, then there’s a chance you crave to replicate a nose like that of the celebrities.

Through cosmetic nose surgery or what’s commonly known in the medical field as Rhinoplasty, noses can be made smaller or larger, narrowed or straightened. A nose job can help put your face into harmony and allowing your natural beauty to shine through. The goal of this procedure is to improve a distracting nasal appearance. The reasons why people get a nose surgery can either be medical or cosmetic.

Medical Reasons

There are cases when a nose is repaired for medical reasons, can also be but not limited to trauma or birth defects. Some people have a condition where the center cartilage of the nose is off-center or what’s also known as deviated septum. This condition results to sinusitis or sinus infections which results to difficulty in breathing. This procedure is known as Septoplasty, the medical counterpart of Rhinoplasty but both procedures can also be combined depending on the patient’s condition.


Another reason would be if your nose was damaged from an accident. People feel invincible when engaged in sports or maybe just having the time of their lives when doing fun activities! However, gravity pulls us back to the ground and there you are face-planted on the floor. Alternatively, some were involved in accidents outside of their control like road accidents.
Thus, here is where nose surgery comes into picture. Aside from the reason to do a reconstructive surgery, there are some patients who consider requesting adjusting an improvement of their old nose as well.

Cosmetic Reasons

Some are concerned with their aesthetic appearance thus are seeking to replicate a ‘perfect’ nose. Even considering how their favourite star’s nose looks like. Or some are just dissatisfied with their nose’s current condition thus having an upgrade.

But anytime rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes is performed, the functional components of the nose should be improved or at least respected and preserved.  Improving nasal function after nasal trauma is vital and should go hand in hand with improving bodily beauty. Always seek for an experienced surgeon for both aspects.

No nose is perfect, but with our technology today, several options can now be accommodated to the general public depending on their needs. But there is only so much that the surgeons can do, what’s more important is for you to gain confidence and be at peace with yourself.